VERDE ESMERALDA arose from the ancient principles of craftsmanship and total respect for the environment combined with the up-to-date and innovative knowledge Samuel López Fernández has, with a strong focus on aesthetics and the commitment to create a legendary product.


Based on a visionary spirit and rare audacity, VERDE ESMERALDA was created with the sole purpose of producing the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world.VERDE ESMERALDA invents and perfects the techniques for obtaining a unique quality. The best fruit is picked manually and with the utmost care.


Producing the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not merely a technique; it is a spiritual ritual. Ensuring the product is not subjected to thermal fluctuations and is kept at the right temperature from the picking of the fruit to the extraction of the juice.


Verde Esmeralda harvests its fruit from the best of 78.542 olive trees, and the process comprises the exhaustive monitoring of all the cultural practices involved in olive farming.

From the time the olive tree begins to flower, the formation of the fruit, and the entire development of the same on the tree, all the variables affecting the quality of the fruit are monitored.